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 Okay, so I finally saw the Friedman/Hess vlog.  (It was taking too long to load a couple of nights ago.)

I'm kind of upset, but perhaps not for the expected reason.  

I'm upset not because yeah, it looks like the H/C romantic relationship is over.  Rather, I'm upset because of how casually and cavalierly the writers seemed to approach the whole thing - and how *wrong* they got it.  

I'll try to explain myself, but I feel I'm a bit scattered tonight.  Here goes anyway.

Basically - they went - oh, let's explore who House is in a relationship.

So they put him in a relationship.  A relationship.  A typical 'relationship'.  Because wheee, won't that be fun, because House is such an a-hole (Sara's words) that he'd never do well in a relationship, could never keep it going, because Cuddy deserves so much better than the jerk that House is.

This pisses me off because, House and Cuddy were already in a 25-year-long relationship.  A relationship that worked for them, that was dysfunctionally functional.

And the writers took them out of that relationship, and put them into a typical, girl's-not-getting-what-she-wants-and-needs-from-a-guy kind of relationship, that was essentially unrecognizable from the kind of relationship they already had.

They said 'okay, we're gonna start it *here*, and end it round about *here*' - completely NOT taking into account whatever growth and change might happen along the way.  Yeah yeah yeah, you're saying 'well, but they're writing (or not) that growth and change, surely they'll limit that to make it logical.'  I don't know.  

I think that the writers are seeing these characters in a very different way from how the viewers are seeing them.  And if the writers think that what they're putting on paper is how this character is, then Hugh is fucking up royally - he's putting much more humanity into House than the writers intended.  

From listening to Hess and Friedman - it sounds to me like they're saying that House is such an organic jerk that a relationship would be impossible for him - basically, that jerks don't deserve love.  

But my problem with that is a) frankly, they're wrong, and b) Hugh doesn't play House like a completely unmitigated asshole from A to Z.  He puts nuance in, he puts sympathy in.  And I would argue that if someone's behaving like an overtired, hungry, cranky toddler, perhaps what they need is MORE love and understanding, not less.

So that's my rant for the evening.  I don't know if I got across everything I was thinking.  I've had some alcohol, so.

But yeah.  That would explain why Cuddy especially was so unrecognizable.  This wasn't House and Cuddy, expanded.  This was Relationship!House and Relationship!Cuddy - similar only in surface appearance.  :-P
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