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Okay, so I haven't re-watched the entire season yet, looking for anything 'suspicious', but here's what I've got so far. (Also, I only did a quick scan on the premiere.)

Not everything I listed is suspicious, most of it is likely nothing at all, but I just thought I'd cast the widest net possible and see what turned up. (I had stuff highlighted in my Word document - it didn't carry over to here, and I'm not going through it to HTML-ify it, sorry. You'll just have to pick out the most salient details. ;-) )

If you have anything to add or comment on, please do!

Now What

• Watch disappears after the teaser – never to return?
• *Is* there 20 minutes ‘missing’ from the end of Help Me, to Now What?
• Why is Cuddy so cranky, why does House have to beg her to stay, when it was Cuddy’s choice to come and declare her love in the first place?
• Lobe
• Where do the pill bottles go?
• The room does look ‘cloudy’ when Cuddy’s hiding.


• No watch – highlighted near the end when House is ‘thinking’ for a diagnosis.
• Death’s head cane – focused on, and Taub (who is *clearly* wearing a watch) specifically asks about it.
• At the start – House’s bike is there, but isn’t that *his* car he’s leaning on? Why both of them there?
• Foreman : Do you know something about Thirteen that we don't?

House : She's entitled to her privacy. Just as I'm entitled to a diagnosis.

Taub : And you're glossing over Thirteen's departure because you actually respect somebody's privacy?

House : I agree. It's weird of me not to care. So either I'm a changed man because of Cuddy, or I'm pretending to be a changed man because I do know something about Thirteen and I'm trying to throw you off the scent, or I've just gone nutty bananas because I lost a patient. All of which you are free to discuss (Articulating) after I get a diagnosis.
• Could it be that it’s HOUSE that needs “a diagnosis”? Could one (or all) of these reasons actually be true? Maybe House truly has gone ‘nutty bananas’ – he said it quite specifically.
• House (rubs his nose, gestures a lot with his left hand, looks defeated) : She said "yes," and I heard "no." I didn't actually hear "no." But I just... was sure that's what she meant. Way she tilted her head and half-arched her eyebrow. What do I even care what she meant? She said yes. That's all that matters. I'm screwing this up.
• That’s kind of what Cuddy’s attitude has been all along? Saying yes, while meaning no?
• Taub (matter-of-factly) : We just decided to give meds that could kill the patient based on a guess. You need approval from Cuddy, and she'll want to take the safer course, and you're gonna fold like an origami crane, so... (He takes the file). I'll just wait here till we get our actual orders.
• Possible reference to the crane accident in Help Me?
• Clinic patient thinks he needs to be in a care facility/nursing home? Does House?
• (Cut to House's fingers. He is playing with a miniature skateboard. His head is on his left hand (which has no watch!). He is thinking, standing in front of Della's room).

Hugo : I want to make sure you're trying everything to save my sister.

House : Everything? Well, that must be it. See, I thought you guys checked the box marked, "try every other thing."

Hugo (voice trembling) : I'm the one that's supposed to die first. I'm the damaged one, not her. She never even gets a cold.

House : Damage has a way of spreading to everyone around you. For example, your obvious emotional damage is now making me have a philosophical conversation instead of dealing with your sister. See how that might be damaging? (House starts to leave, then stops and turn back to Hugo). Never?
• House is damaged, both physically and emotionally – has he gone crazy, thus having a ‘philosophical conversation’ (imaginary)?
• House : I guess I can just chat with them about the weather. Blood tests just confirmed sickle cell trait. So they might be curious about the only treatment option. Though we are having weird weather lately.
• Seems to be a throwaway, however…Massage Therapy, a couple of episodes later, actually *does* have some weird weather.
• House : Bizarrely, it explains all your symptoms. Better-fitting dentures, you'll be fine. Medically, there's no reason to go anywhere. (Maurice and Sidney look at each other. House starts to leave, changes his mind, sighs, turns back and holds out his wallet. He gives Maurice his one hundred back and hands Sidney a twenty). Hospital rebate. You might wanna... put it towards couples therapy.
• Not a clue, but holy cow….House and Cuddy need couples’ therapy. :-P
• Hugo : You do so many great things. I just watch. I get to watch and coach and cheer. But that's not me out there. It never will be. If you take this piece of me, carry it with you... then I really can share in everything you do. (The parents stare at them). This is the great thing I can do with my life. Don't make me live without you.
• This is such a heartfelt speech….I wonder if it has more meaning than it appears on the surface.


• Jack Cannon is very much like House (scar, yo-yo tricks, detective)…and he’s a fictional character, based on a dead child.
• Still no watch – House has to grab the nurse’s watch to time the patient’s pulse.
• That queer ‘quality of light’ when Alice tells Jack ‘you don’t even exist’ – it highlights an ‘unreal’ quality to the scene – should we apply that idea wherever we see it?
• Wilson: What did you do to piss Cuddy off?
House: (putting the animals back) I can't be romantic?
Wilson: House, you're stealing from a woman in a coma.
House: We're fine. Never seen her happier.
Wilson: Yeah? How about you?
House: I'm... worried.
Wilson: Because she's happy?
House: (walking past Wilson and out the door) No, because I am.
Wilson: House, that's—
House: (turning to face Wilson) Ironic? Weird? Crazy?
Wilson: (He follows House as he walks down the hall) I was going to say normal.
House: For now. We're in the honeymoon period. Our brains are flooded with endorphins. Once she snaps out of it, where does that leave us?
Wilson: In an adult relationship.
• House: Huge Jack Cannon fan, by the way. Love your books.
Alice: Really? My fans tend to be overly-annoying teenaged girls.
House: (pulling a lightscope out of his breast pocket) I know. All they care about is who's hotter, Jack or Deacon. Like Sarah can't love both of them. I may belong to one or two online fan clubs. (He looks into her eyes with the lightscope) How's the new book coming along?
• House is a multi-shipper! Might this refer to House’s loving Cuddy and Wilson, or now maybe Cuddy and Dominika? General dig at fangirls?
• Alice: Anything. Who was Jack's real father, who kidnapped his Uncle...
• House: Reservation for Dominica's isn't till 8:00, so we got plenty of time.
• Alice has similar kinds of ‘stuff’ on her desk as House – strange, quirky objects. Her decorating style is similar.
• More death’s-head cane – raps it on the window. Also, how does he know she’s sweating up a storm, when it’s on the side away from them all?
• Since when does House give Cuddy a gift of perfume? Doesn’t that seem strange for him? Peace Penguin, yes. Med school desk, absolutely. Perfume??
• Alice: I'm done writing Jack Cannon's adventures. And when I get out of here, I'll just be done.
House: Now don't you say that, you dirty birdie.
• What an odd line….explanations?
• House: No. I know pain. You think you can handle it, and one day you can't. When that happens, you either find reasons to go on, or you don't.
• The patient tried to commit suicide – perhaps House did too? Overdose, or worse? He was headed that way after Help Me. But House can’t ‘be’ all of these POTWs.
• Wilson: He's just trying to read a book, the latest Jack Cannon: Boy Detective.
Sam: Alice Tanner is your patient?
House: (excitedly) You're a "fannon" too?
Sam: (also excited) I'm team Deacon.
House: Oh, come on. Why can't she love them both?
Sam: (to House) So do you think Jack finally hooks up with Sarah in this one?
House: No. Debbie Wright is his true love.
Sam: She's dead.
House: Presumed! All we really know is—
• Interesting. Repeated. And who does the ‘true love’ apply to?
• The whiteboard makes a reappearance in this ep.
• [Cut to House asleep in the Eames chair in his office. Foreman, Taub, and Chase have just entered. Foreman clears his throat to wake up House]

House: I'm meditating.
Foreman: From where we're standing, it looked like sleeping.
• They’re all standing around, watching him sleep?
• House: (sighing) Why would she not tell us about the pins in her leg?
Cuddy: 'Cause she wants to die.
House: By having her leg ripped off? She wants to punish herself... for something that happened before she was famous, before she even started to write. I think the answer's in her old medical records. But dopey, sleazy, and uptighty can't find them.
• This feels important to me, not sure why.
• Cuddy: I'm not gonna dump you because we like different food or books or music. On the other hand, I might dump you if you don't talk to me when you have a problem with our relationship.
• Alice: I'd like to thank you.
House: Great. You can dedicate the next Jack Cannon to me.
Alice: I can't.
House: Are you still in pain?
Alice: No. You did everything you said, and more. I can finally move on. Thank you.
House: Move on where?
Alice: I want to write books for adults.
House: What about Jack? Your last book didn't answer anything.
Alice: The way I ended Jack's story is perfect. Each reader can decide what fate they want for him themselves.
[House gets up at approaches the bed]
House: (sounding like a whiny child) You — but that's stupid! That doesn't make any sense!
Alice: How many answers do you get in real life?
House: This is a book. Books have beginnings, middles, and ends. You can't just leave it on a cliffhanger — who does that?
Alice: I'm sorry. His story's done. There's really nothing you can say to change my mind.
• Oy. What’s with the ‘move on’? And the cliffhanger, and the no-ending ending? Are we going to get answers, or not?

Massage Therapy

• House has a new cane, a red one, which he draws attention to. Why? Wasn’t the death’s head one good enough? Or…were those eps ‘iffy’, and this is a new cane to replace the one he left hanging at the crane accident?
• House wakes up in bed, alone, yet seems relatively pleased. The radio in the background is talking about torrential downpours, flash-flooding, etc in the area…and while the patient teaser did indeed show a rainstorm, the radio implies that it’s still going on….and yet, you can see the sunlight streaming in through House’s window. Strange, much?
• No watch.
• Motorcycle-shopping – leftover from Thunder Roadtrip bike wreck, or more? Easy Rider mention.
• Since when does House have a) a flat screen, and b) a flat screen set up on stacks of books at the end of his bed?
• He has to look at the clock to check the time – no watch.
• Cuddy says “It was at that moment she realized the romance was already gone”. Huh, say what?
• House is playing that virtual reality game…says ‘head shots!’
• New doctor Kelly looks quite a bit like the ‘woman in black’ in House’s dream of Amber in House’s Head.
• Kelly’s a psychiatrist – also, Wilson counsels House to ‘give up being crazy’ about demanding to keep his hooker ‘massage therapist’.
• Patient actually is mentally ill – schizophrenic.
• House basically offers the patient’s ‘serious mental illness’ as an excuse for the husband to leave her – he says ‘it’s too hard’, and House replies ‘it’s always hard’ – with feeling….like it’s personal, or something…?

Unplanned Parenthood

• Arlene has a cooking class? (Not totally weird, just an ‘okaaay’.)
• House is seriously trying to find a dime with a fridge magnet?
• This is Wilson’s second window climb of the season.
• Wilson is having to tell House what could happen to Rachel with the dime, and what to do to monitor her? Really? The man *is* a doctor, and a pretty good one too, or so the story goes.
• More brain scans obviously on the wall of the MRI. I mean, it *is* an MRI, but still…
• Rachel’s dress over her jammies makes no sense.
• “She hates that moose” – as if he knows? Has paid attention? (And yet the man who found a magnet in a kid’s belly by sticking a scalpel to it doesn’t know that a fridge magnet won’t pick up a dime. Either something’s wrong with House, or the writers are bleeding morons.)
• Both Dr. Chang and Wilson are separately talking about ‘an unnecessary dose of radiation’ for a kid. (Probably to highlight the unnecessary radiation on Wilson’s dosimeter later on, but still.)
• Now House has to ask for dime-pooping suggestions from Dr. Chang? I thought he was supposed to be smart or something?
• “I wish I was nicer” – okay, ‘nicer’ would make it easier to do what he needs to do behind Cuddy’s back, but still.
• Marina hasn’t noticed Rachel’s absence?
• “How come no one got me food?” (Okay, to set up the need for more Chinese food later on. Wow, heavyhanded, much?)

There didn’t seem to be too much strange in this one, really. House’s cane kept hanging in odd, obvious places, and the camera specifically watched him grab it, usually – but that doesn’t really seem all that odd.

Office Politics

• MMM – can’t shut up about architecture. (Architecture = House? Yeah, huge stretch.)
• Patient paralysis – similar penlight shot to Locked In.
• Love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins – but w/o Einstein’s hair. (H/C?)
• “Girl can hope”. (Similar to ‘a girl can dream’ in BS)
• “I want you to give her a chance. A REAL chance.”
• “I’m not good at working with other people”
• “And yet you chose medicine, which is a team activity – it’s pretty gutsy, stepping so far outside your comfort zone.”
• “I was vain to think I could be the exception”
• “This guy spends his entire life campaigning against bleeding hearts, turns out he has one.”
• “You don’t really think she’s a younger version of you.” (To Cuddy.)
• The thinking-on-the-floor is slightly odd…the lighting goes from darkness to a square of light on House – passage of time, I guess – spread-out positioning, and when he reaches his decision (to lie to Cuddy), he rather obviously swallows – kind of like he does when taking vicodin, but there’s no pills.
• You’ve got MMM doing a slow walk away through some doors, after House tells her he wants her to *want* to lie to a patient, and she says it’s not gonna happen.
• Then, you have Cuddy doing a slow walk towards the camera and some doors, after realizing House’s lie. Only a visual artistic choice? Probably.

Okay, not much strange that I saw here, either. Still no watch, but I think we’ve established that up through The Dig. Seems relatively straightforward, only possible candidates are MMM’s similarity to Cuddy and/or House, and possibly some callback camera shots. The lighting is dim and dark with the F/T bball game, and in the jail scene, but I doubt that’s anything but artistic choices.

A Pox On Our House

• Oh, isn’t that a clever, clever play on words, in the title. ;-)
• Convo between W and H re: H’s lie – C let H off clinic duty – ‘she’s never done that’ ‘she’s probably also never ordered the pasta special in the cafeteria, would that also have some special, paranoid message to send you?’ ‘I’m not imagining this. It’s an aberration in the way that she treats me. How do I find out what it means?’ (also? Interesting ‘double’ reflection in the conf. room glass.)
• House asks Martha ‘hypothetical’ relationship questions as if she’s Cuddy, and she basically answers that way, too. (she’s got a double reflection in the shelf surface, too, as does H.)
• ‘you know’ ‘of course I know’ ‘oh thank *god*, I thought I was just being paranoid.’
• ‘I can’t compartmentalize my life like that’ ‘well maybe you should practice, cause it comes in handy.’
• ‘Your Jedi mind tricks won’t work here’ ‘These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.’
• House plays paper ‘football’ over his skull pencil holder – not sure we’ve seen that close-up before? ‘Hold up, I’m in overtime’ (Overtime – no watch – related? Too far?)
• ‘She’s eager, or has a blind spot for sarcasm’. This is the second mention of 3M having a blind spot for either jokes (last ep), or sarcasm. And then that’s what diagnoses Arlene in FP? Hmm.
• House is snoozing in his chair when 3M comes in. (To be fair, the hospital is on lockdown and no one can go home, but still.) ‘Did I just dream the part where I finally agreed it was smallpox? Well, if what I *thought* was reality was actually a dream, them the reverse…’ (eyes get big, threesome w/Beyonce/Lady Gaga joke.)
• ‘So it’s inconvenient – my having a fighting chance at life is inconvenient.’ – won’t move him from the dead patient’s isolation room.
• ‘Do you believe me? Forget me, do you believe you?’ (more evidence that3M is somehow a conjuration of H’s mind?)
• ‘yeah, and that was true, when you were dying.’ And she grabs her briefcase and walks out the door. Both the attitude, and the walk, and even House’s kind of stymied reaction callback to UMS, when he was hallucinating. It’s so unlike Cuddy, to be quite that bitchy, and hang on to it like that, I think, anyway.

So yeah – definitely a few ‘off’ things in this episode. The reflections (duality, fractured/split-ness?) were everywhere, 3M was showing elements of both C and H, it seemed, and C seemed unusually peevish. Sleep, talk of dreams….it’s all strange.

Small Sacrifices

• Causal determinism – we are hard-wired to need answers. (Nothing strange there, I just like it in regards to House.)
• More brain scans on the lightbox in Wilson’s office – not highlighted though, probably of no importance.
• Love how Chase rats others out to House.
• Specifically pointed out that Cuddy’s 43.
• “The lesions are in your temporal lobes – when those areas get messed with, people have strange experiences – hauntings, alien abductions, past lives.”
• House stands in ‘cross’ position on a stool as he’s getting measured for a jacket. Yeah, the patient self-crucifies, so. However – he steps down onto his RIGHT leg first. The heck?
• Another mention of radiation dosage with Sam’s patients…
• Married before, 1987, for 6 days. So she was 21. And she seemed *really* upset that House found out about it. It was obviously on her mind when she mentioned the laws of the State of New Jersey. (Also, wouldn’t she have been in Michigan at that time? Maybe not. Continuity, pfft.) So it’s not like she said she’d be a first-timer because she ‘forgot’. She lied, but really – she should have been aware that she was, and also aware that House has been trying to get her to lie – so I’m a bit confused at the surprise and hurt. Only thing is – she sounded kind of pleased to be talking about what she’d wear, and that ‘she’d be’ a first-timer. You know marriage (to House?) has been going through her mind. (Unless somehow she’s thinking of Lucas, but that’s an awfully convoluted time-warpy thing to think in this ep.)
• Silver-handled dress cane.
• The art in Wilson’s bedroom – interesting. A ‘mirror-image’ drawing – one side a head in the negative space with a black scribbled background – the other side a black scribbled, flipped ‘positive’ image of a head, with a yellow scribbled background, the heads facing each other.
• Suspend cynicism and believe, take a leap of faith? I know he’s lying, and that’s the point, but it’s still odd for House to say. (And if Cuddy realizes that House’s ‘dressy casual’ was odd, doesn’t he think that she’ll find these words odd too? Bizarre.)
• In House’s apartment, his cane is hanging on the bookcase next to the phrenology head – and the camera lingers on that juxtaposition quite deliberately.

Date: 2011-04-30 10:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mauje.livejournal.com
Here are a few things that I remember that will add to your line of thinking. I believe most of these are from later episodes, so you may have already been planning to mention them.


Room 243

-Patient room where the peace penguin was stolen.

-Later a patient room for a POTW (can't remember which episode right off hand)

Variations of the name Bert in Recession Proof

-Bert (POTW)
-Bert and Ernie
-Berta's (bar)

Martha Masters:

Odd dialog in regards to her (paraphrasing below)

-"This isn't your office yet." (House to Masters in Family Practice)

-"You're the reason I'm taking it." (House to Masters in regards to the supposed Vicodin)


-In Family Practice when Masters comes to Cuddy's office to speak to her, I believe when the camera cuts to Cuddy's profile the shadow being cast on the window beside her is actually that of Masters and not Cuddy.

Date: 2011-04-30 10:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flippet.livejournal.com
Room 243

Interesting...and Cuddy's specifically stated to be 43...

Yeah, the stuff with 3M is intriguing. So much would seem to indicate that she's some kind of figment - and yet, she's interacting with the 'real' peeps...unless everything is unreal, in which case...interesting.


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