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Here are a few things that I remember that will add to your line of thinking. I believe most of these are from later episodes, so you may have already been planning to mention them.


Room 243

-Patient room where the peace penguin was stolen.

-Later a patient room for a POTW (can't remember which episode right off hand)

Variations of the name Bert in Recession Proof

-Bert (POTW)
-Bert and Ernie
-Berta's (bar)

Martha Masters:

Odd dialog in regards to her (paraphrasing below)

-"This isn't your office yet." (House to Masters in Family Practice)

-"You're the reason I'm taking it." (House to Masters in regards to the supposed Vicodin)


-In Family Practice when Masters comes to Cuddy's office to speak to her, I believe when the camera cuts to Cuddy's profile the shadow being cast on the window beside her is actually that of Masters and not Cuddy.

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